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About Us

The Limited Liability Company «3 Betony» is one of the biggest and unique plant on ferroconcrete items and constructions production in Ukraine. The main directions of the Company’s activity are the production of pre-stress ferroconcrete items, their transportation and mounting. The Company’s strategy is the constant renewal of the technology, improvement of product’s quality and assortment.

LLC «3 Betony» was founded in 2002 by “ASA” Kft., “FERROBETONN” Rt and “KESZ” Kft, leading Hungarian companies in building industrial sector.

After redemption of the building constructions and 13,6 ha of the land by these companies the reconstruction of industrial and business units carried out in short terms, the modern technological equipment and concrete station “ELBA” installed, the areas for inert materials storage built, two sidetracks renewed, the boiler station equipped, the administrative building repaired, the systems of power and water supply renewed. Its economic activity LLC «3 Betony» began from February 2004.

LLC «3 Betony» uses the modern production technologies, especially bench technology with mechanical pressure of wire-rope reinforcement, production of concrete mixtures with use of chemical additives and application of universal equipment that makes it possible to produce non-typical constructions of excess complexity of different dimension types – unique large-span elements for the building of trade centers, industrial, sport and recreation objects, large warehouses, bridges ets.

Generally the products are produced according to the specific orders, though the plant produces all product range mentioned in technical catalogue in accordance with project technical documentation as well as ready-mixed concrete in wide product line.

At the same time with products manufacturing the reconstruction of own production is continued at LLC «3 Betony» For example, it was set in operation: in 2005 the reinforcing shop with the bending machines with CNC, in 2006 – the production shop No. 3 with three technological lines for main and bridge beams production and shop No. 2 with technological line for hollow ceiling panel production of total length to18 m. These products are in demand in connection with building revival lately.

One of our founder – Hungarian company “Ferrobeton” is an European leader with great experience in production of concrete structures for road infrastructure, in particular the bridge beams of total length to 40 m. Our technology and equipment make it possible to produce the same products for very important and actual industry in Ukraine.

LLC «3 Betony» has 360 employees. The Company works stably and with profit, develops in successive steps, upgrading its production from year to year. The products of our plant are well-known in Ukraine and beyond its borders.

Our constructions are certified in Ukraine and unique adjoin assemblies of the elements allow to mount construction promptly and qualitatively.
Stability, high quality of the products, fulfillment of all its obligations before its customers, timely payment of earnings and budget payments are the main principles of Company’s activity.

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